Sunday, May 22, 2005

Linus - The world's smartest cat poses for his book flap photo Posted by Hello

Friday, May 13, 2005

Putt Putting

In my job I have the luxury of trainings on Friday. I am not the one being trained nor am I the trainer. I fall somewhere in the middle. Regardless, I usually attend these weekly trainings for the pure joy of being out of the office. Today we went and took our group to a semi-local Putt Putt joint. I brought my own putter because I am a dork, but surprisingly everyone wanted to be on my team. Surely the chick with her own putter is a pro right? I was hardly a pro but I did get a hole-in-one which is always exciting. I beat my group but I think a few poeple out of the whole group did better than me. The point is I was out of the office, I got a little sun and I have had a good day. The best part is that it is Friday! The only downfall is one of the girls I played with might have head lice, I can not wait to go home and shower.

I am sorry that most of my posts as of late have been more about me rambling than real stories with direction and fancy stuff like that. I will try and post something really good this weekend. Just hang in there with me!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Reggie the Rooster from Charlotte, NC Posted by Hello

A Few Tales From My Trip

I apologize to my reader(s) out there for my scant posting. I was away this weekend as the picture below indicated and there has been much going on in my world so much so that I couldn't seem to get around to posting. I will try to do better. No guarantees of coarse.

While I was flying home on Sunday night the couple next to me was constantly ordering diet Sprite. I found this odd for 2 reason first Sprite is so gross and 2 who likes to drink gross soda so often? I then realized they were adding something to their drinks from a thermos. I was caught watching them so they obligatorily offered me some of their mysterious alcohol. I of coarse said no because I have a strict policy against taking unmarked alcohol from strangers. By the time we landed they were both fully snockered and giggling all the way to baggage claim. I just found it interesting that you can't take nail clippers on a plane but you can take your hooch.

Also while in Charlotte I got to experience country living in the worst way. It seems my sister has a neighborhood rooster named Reggie. Well I thought it was so cool that this rooster was wandering around until approximately 5am on Sunday morning. I also thought that roosters only crowed once to wake up all the farmers but no, This thing cock-a-doodled for four hours straight. Even though I am quite the animal lover if I had a gun I would have shot it by 5:15am. According to my sister you get used to it and it doesn't wake you up after about 2 weeks which really wasn't much comfort. I swear he was right outside my window taunting me with this random calls. Thanks to Reggie I was pretty cranky and by the time I finally made it home to Providence that night I could barely stay awake although I sure Reggie was already well rested and gargling to prepare for Monday morning.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Here is a lovely shot of the Charlotte, NC skyline that I took this weekend whilst visiting with my Sis and my Moms.  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Recovering, Working, Most Things Sucking

So I have been at work since last Thursday and have been slowly recovering from my broken toe. Work has been really sucking as of late. I have a new boss that I am still getting to know which is all well and good but I miss the old days of just doing my thing and not having to explain every little thing. This weekend I am off to NC to visit my Sis. My Moms and I are flying from our respective home states and meeting up at the airport. It should be a lot of fun. I haven't seen my Sis since Christmas so I am quite excited to see her. Also I miss my Moms a lot so seeing her on Mother's day weekend is a bonus. My Dad paying for my air fare is a double bonus. Hubby will be staying home holding down the proverbial fort and feeding the boys. Hubby and I struggling to get a mortgage. Lately our thoughts are to rent a while longer and wait for the market to ease up a bit. It seems unless you can afford a 5 acre mansion estate you are royally screwed. Thanks President Bush! Now being middle class is just as difficult as lower class.

I went to pick out Mother's day cards on my lunch hour. I like to go before the day of so I can get a decent card. Well I found some ok cards, but not the illusive to my Mother-In-Law on Mother's day card. I opted for the from your Son and Daughter-in-law. Cards are kind of silly. You spend so much time picking them out and signing them only to have the recipient battle with themselves as to when is it ok to throw them away and when is it too early. Don't I sound like Seinfeld? Probably because those re-runs are on 17 hours a day. Wow. I had nothing to post about and nothing to say but I still took up space. Bully for me.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


So as my previous post explained, I am home with a broken toe. I am only home for one more day after today, then I am back to work where I will be limping around all pathetic like. I have spent much of the day in a drug induced haze watching CSI on DVD as I have all four seasons that are available. Right now I am snuggled up on the couch with both of my boys (my 2 cats) sleeping beside me. While my foot is killing me I find it hard to believe that this isn't the best way to spend a day. Me and my boys, prescription pills and CSI. The only thing that could make this any better is being able to look over and see Hubby in the recliner. Alas, he is bringing home the bacon and hopefully Taco Bell later tonight.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Anatomy of Broken Pinkie Toe

Last night at approximately 10:30pm I suffered a dramatic and painful toe stubbing that resulted in a dislocated and broken toe. [insert gasp here] I was nonchalantly headed for the recliner when suddenly I stubbed my poor little toe on the cat's scratching post that has been in the same spot going on 3 years. I heard a crack and I saw stars, I could not believe how much it hurt. I even shed a tear or two which I did not do when I broke my elbow and had glass embedded in my thigh. Hubby wanted to take me to the hospital last night but I felt it was only temporary and did not want to be in the ER into the wee hours of Monday morning because I hurt my toe, it just seemed too stupid. I thought it would feel better in the morning. As it turned out I was very wrong because the throbbing kept me up all night and by the time I hobbled into work I was in a lot of pain and very pathetic. My new boss encouraged me to seek professional attention but I said no and that I would try and make it through the day as any good martyr would do. Then I called my Moms and relieved my tale of pain and woe and she insisted that I go to a doctor and one can not go against one's Moms so off to the walk-in clinic I went. Sure enough after some x-rays my pain was legitmized. The doctor told be that my toe was broken and dislocated. I then endured some serious pain as he pushed and pulled my toe back into place in two pieces. The doctor then "buddy taped" my pinky toe to it's unharmed neighbor and I was good to go. I walked out of the clinic with a note to get out of work for the next three days, a prescription for some righteous tylenol with codeine and doctor's orders to keep a shoe on at all times. Now my toe and it's surrounding area is turning pretty shades of purple and blue and I am flying high which is making the throbbing much easier to enjoy. In my doctor prescribed, drug-induced haze I have drawn out some sketches of exactly what happened to my little buddy. Enjoy.

(I had to post them all separately because I don't know how to post a bunch of pictures at once and I am too zooted to figure it out)

This is a graphic drawing I created of what my toe looked like to me before and after the bone breaking toe stubbing. Posted by Hello

The 'after" portion of this drawing is what the doctor drew on that scratchy table paper to show me where the break was. I developed the before soley for dramatic purposes.  Posted by Hello

Here is a pictoral re-enactment of the toe breakage.  Posted by Hello

Here is the actual site of the bone shattering toe stubbing. Posted by Hello